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I'm a developer

What we do for Developers

  • Paid and Free Magento 2 Extensions.
  • Bespoke development of Magento Extensions.
  • Developer Training, Leadership and Mentorship.
  • Assistance with Performance and Security audits.

We know Magento, we've been doing it for years!

We create Magento extensions and utilities to assist your next development project, from developer tools to custom integrations, shipping and payment methods, we are a resource you can trust.

Our blog articles and tutorials will help you master the Magento codebase, improve your extensions and may get you out of a tricky situation or two.

Why Absolute Commerce?

  • We are Magento Certified and we know the code.
  • Our high quality extensions are written with performance, testability and upgradability in mind.
  • We adhere to coding standards and design patterns, so you can customise and add bespoke functionality to our extensions.
  • Any issues encountered we are here to support you.

... and we have the Magento qualifications you expect!