Meet Joseph McDermott

A Magento Certified Solution Specialist and Developer Plus, Zend PHP5 Certified Senior Web Developer based in London and St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

Magento Consultant & PHP Developer

As well being a Magento Certified Developer, Magento Developer Plus, Magento Solution Specialist and Zend Certified PHP5 Software Engineer, I have over six years commercial experience with the Magento Enterprise Platform and nine years commercial experience with PHP. This skill and experience guarantees I can lead any project to a successful launch and support it thereafter.

While contracting as a Senior Developer at Magento Gold Partner Redbox Digital working on Magento, Magento2 and third party integrations in London, UK, I was lead developer on a number of ongoing key projects for high profile clients and assisting acquisition of new clients.

In my role as CTO at Atelier Blanche in Berlin, I brought a Magento Community instance from minimum viable product to a fast, scalable TV-campaign-ready solution in only a few short months. Read the case study below for more information on my role in launching Atelier Blanche.

In previous roles as Senior Developer and Project Lead at Ampersand Commerce and Blueleaf I worked with numerous large scale enterprise clients, creating bespoke ecommerce frameworks and integrations with the Magento platform. Read the case study below for more information on my role in re-building Harvey Nichols.

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  • Magento Certified Developer
  • Magento Certified Developer Plus
  • Magento Certified Solution Specialist
  • Zend Certified PHP5 Engineer

Portfolio of work

The following is a list of the work I have completed in my time before joining Absolute Commerce.

  • Harvey Nichols: Project Lead and Magento Developer for Ampersand Commerce (Magento Gold Solution Partner)
  • Screwfix: Project Lead and Magento Developer for Redbox Digital (Magento Gold Solution Partner)
  • Atelier Blanche: CTO and Magento Developer for Berlin based startup
  • Laura Ashley: Project Lead and PHP Developer for Blueleaf
  • Bench: Project Lead and Magento Developer for Ampersand Commerce

Case Studies

Technical Lead & Magento Developer, Harvey Nichols

During my time as Senior Developer at Ampersand Commerce I lead the re-build and migration of Harvey Nichols ecommerce website. As technical lead I was at the core of the project from conception to completion, being involved in all architecture decisions, having regular meetings with Harvey Nichols themselves and distributing work throughout the development team.

I was the first point of contact for all development questions, both internally and externally, with frontend and backend developers reporting to me for guidance and implementation advice. It was my responsibility to ensure every item from the technical and functional specifications were translated in to work packages, make high level decisions on approach and architecture, then distribute to the relevant resources in the team. Daily meetings between myself and the Harvey Nichols ensured both development teams were working towards the same goals and timeframes, resolving any technical issues or queries. In addition to the management role I also integrated a new payment gateway and checkout payment step to ensure a seamless customer experience with maximum security of customer credentials.

CTO & Lead Magento Developer, Atelier Blanche

I was hired in September 2014, as CTO and lead Magento developer, to take over a semi-implemented Magento codebase and the website launched one month later. The following is a brief summary of the tasks undertaken during this first month and thereafter, until the completion of my contract in December 2014. The finished product was a fast and reliable television-campaign-ready Magento instance.

I fully configured the development, staging and production environments. Utilised DeployHQ for deployments, automating maintenance page toggle, GIT codebase update, cache clears and setup script runs. Along with CSS and JavaScript merging, all assets were configured to be served from Cloudfront CDN, which was configured to utilise our SSL certificate allowing lightning fast asset retrieval over http and https. Cache busting asset URLs implemented to allow for long cache lifetimes. I implemented Varnish reverse caching proxy for high speed pages ready to withstand TV campaigns, utilising Edge Side Includes to punch holes in pages for customer specific dynamic content. Building upon the popular Turpentine extension, the crawler was greatly improved to continually keep cache warm for <100ms pageloads at any time of the day.

What others say about me

"Joe is a thoughtful, experienced and capable developer. He has developed excellent problem solving and communication skills. At Ampersand he regularly worked with a wide range of business and technical stakeholders, internally and externally. Joe's adaptability and ability to manage not just his own deliverables but also those of a wider development team, makes him a valuable asset to any team or project." - Darryl Adie - Director of Ampersand Commerce

"Even as a young gun whilst at Blueleaf Joseph was a smart and dedicated developer with a strong sense of standards and attention to detail. He spearheaded many projects from a development point of view that went very well and helped us build great client relationships. We were sad to see him go and are still following the great progress of his career. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him." - Rob Smith - Managing Director of Blueleaf

"I've worked with Joe on a number of projects and he's been a great manager, mentor and project lead. He always made time to help team members no matter how small the problem. He would encourage me to develop my ideas further and give me time to consider them in more detail, allowing me to return with a stronger proposal that he would support all the way through. He guided and helped me develop a lot in the early stages of my career. Joe is a great asset for any team." - Yousef Cisco - Frontend Development Lead at Harvey Nichols

"Joe is clearly an experienced and capable developer. The key to successful implementations is not does the developer understand the software but rather do they understand the customer, their requirements, their objectives and the success criteria of the project. Joe does, and that's why he will be an asset to any company he works with in the future." - Pamela Ravenscroft - Operations Director at Space 48

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HTML5 Responsive JavaScript Backbone JS
Prototype JS jQuery JS GIT SVN
Bitbucket Magmi Magento Cloudfront
Akamai Apache Nginx Varnish
Redis Bamboo DeployHQ Beanstalk
MVC Zend Payment Integration Sagepay
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