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With the Absolute TinyUrl extension you can market your content with customer friendly URLs.

By installing this extension on your Magento2 website you can take complete control over how you market the web addresses of your content. For any page in your website you can create a completely custom, SEO friendly, alternate web address to redirect your customers to the same content.

With this extension your Magento web addresses can still be long and descriptive to capitalise on search engine terms, but with the benefit of a much shorter and memorable version for your customers and marketing materials.

Main Features

  • URL for any page of your Magento website by a custom web address.
  • URL for a Product directly by SKU
  • URL for a Product directly by ID.


  • URL for a Category directly by ID.
  • URL for a CMS Page directly by ID.
  • Easily extend to add your own tiny url logic.

Version Compatibility

  • Up to and including Magento 2.2.x
  • Magento 2.0.x not currently supported, please get in touch.
  • For Magento 1, please get in touch.

How does it work?

This extension provides a custom rule table so you can define a short text value, your Tiny Url, and a corresponding longer target URL.

For example, if you have a Christmas Sale coming up and want to run a marketing campaign to direct customers to your.website/shop/sale/christmas-giftspage, there is a chance they might forget that. With this extension you can include a short and memorable version of the same web address, like your.website/xmas. Your customers will easily remember this, and when they visit this shorter web address they will be automatically redirected to the correct page.

You can create as many of these 'tiny urls' as you like, all easily managed within the Magento Admin Panel. This extension also comes with some functionality built in, which can be useful even if you do not want to add any custom web addresses. For example you can access any Product by its SKU alone, via a web address like your.website/sku/ABC123 which would automatically redirect your customer to the product with SKU 'ABC123'. Similar functionality is included with this extension for Category and CMS pages.

If you are an extension developer and have your own kind of link or entity that you would like tiny url support for, you can easily add a new definition in your own extension without needing to modify any core code. Your own functionality can seamlessly integrate with the existing tiny url functionality. We can of course provide custom development of this kind if required, just get in touch!

Installation and usage of this module is subject to our standard terms and conditions, which can be found here: http://abscom.co/terms-and-conditions.

Some example use cases:

  • /signup => /customer/account/create
  • /bf => /sale/black-friday-deals-2016
  • /xmas => /shop/sale/christmas/the-big-christmas-sale-2016

Ideal use cases are marketing banners, Twitter Tweets or TV campaigns to keep the web address nice and short. For example: your.website/bf instead of your.website/shop/sale/black-friday

You also get some functionality built in for Products, Categories and CMS pages, for example:

  • /pid/1 would redirect to Magento Product with ID '1'
  • /sku/ABC would redirect to Magento Product with SKU 'ABC'
  • /cid/3 would redirect to Magento Category with ID '3'
  • /cms/5 would redirect to Magento Page with ID '5'

Of course all of the above paths, /pid/, /cid/, etc. are configurable and can be changed in the Magento system configuration at website or store level.

You can even specify a custom host if you have a short version of your domain. For example, http://abscom.co/tinyurl to link to a full length URL. If you don't have a shorter domain or don't want to use a subdomain, you can instead use a path prefix to determine which requests are TinyUrl requests, eg. http://your.website/path-prefix/pid/1.

Installation / Usage

Install the extension as per standard Magento extension instructions. Once installed, you will see a new menu item appear under Marketing > Absolute TinyUrl, this is where you can configure your custom rules.

The configuration can be found under Stores > Configuration > Absolute Commerce > TinyUrl. All of the options are self explanitory and you can confire at default, website and store level.

Custom Domain

If you plan to use a custom domain, for example we use http://abscom.co/ for ours, you should select a Source Type of 'Custom Domain' in the System Configuration, and enter your domain name in the field. Only requests to this domain will be treated as TinyUrl candidate requests.

You will need to update the DNS of your custom domain to point to the IP address of your Magento web server, and also need to amend your apache or nginx configuration to route requests for this domain to your Magento instance.

We're here to help!

As always if you need some assistance or would like us to do this for you, please please get in touch.

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