Non-Transactional for Magento 2

Add non-transactional / browse-only / in-store-only option to Products in Magento 2. This is a bespoke extension, custom built to your exact requirements

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Main Features

  • Add Non-Transactional Products to Magento 2.
  • In-Store Purchase Only mode for certain Products.
  • In Browse Only mode, Products cannot be purchased online.

Custom Built Extension

  • Display a CMS Block instead of Add to Cart.
  • Restriction logic on Frontend, Backend and Cart.
  • Custom built bespoke to your exact requirements.

Our Process

We work together with you and your team every step of the way to collect your specific requirements, collectively agree how your particular problem will be solved and how your team will manage the solution upon completion.

We will then custom build the functionality required, specific to your needs. Working closely with your team during development, we can show progress so far and ensure the solution is matching your expectations. This helps to avoid any surprises at the end of the project.

Finally we will guide you through the process of installing the extension to your development and production environments. If required we will even take care of this for you, and make sure the launch goes smoothly.

Version Compatibility

  • Bespoke build for any Magento Version.

Other Benefits

The main benefit of a bespoke extension by Absolute Commerce is you become a client of ours, and should you need any development or consultancy in the future, we will already have a good understanding of your business. We can streamline your development and deployment process, making regular updates a risk-free, enjoyable process.

"but other vendors offer this for $100..."

The Magento Marketplace provides a vast array of functionality in its extensions. If you find an off-the-shelf extension that suits your needs, by all means use it!

However due to the requirement to support many different customised Magento stores, often the performance and data management aspects suffer.

With a bespoke extension from Absolute Commerce, we custom build the solution exactly to your requirements with no superfluous code or configuration, ensuring high performance and compatibility with your codebase and data management that fits your business perfectly.

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