Google Invisible ReCaptcha for Magento 1

Protect your Magento website from spam with Google Invisible reCaptcha for Magento 1

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Main Features

  • Add Google reCAPTCHA spam protection to your Magento website.
  • Includes both reCAPTCHA V2 and Invisible reCAPTCHA.
  • Add Google reCAPTCHA to multiple forms on the same page.


  • Zero development implementation, newsletter protection out of the box.
  • Add to more forms with no development or template modification.
  • Customise look and feel of reCAPTCHA V2 without modifying templates.

V2 or Invisible reCAPTCHA

  • Choose your preferred reCAPTCHA implementation for best support.
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA is the latest anti-spam offering from Google.
  • Legacy reCAPTCHA V2 appears invisible with show/hide functionality.

Additional Options

  • Debug mode allows you to see failed attempts.
  • Optional hostname validation for XSS protection.
  • Option to hide the Google badge when using Invisible reCAPTCHA.

Version Compatibility

How does it work?

With the Absolute Google reCAPTCHA extension you protect your Magento website against spam and other types of automated abuse, by using the official spam protection provided by Google. By installing this extension on your Magento website you can prevent spam bots from automatically populating your newsletter subscriber list with junk email addresses, and protect any other form on your website as required.

This extension provides an ‘invisible’ approach so your customers do not see an ugly CAPTCHA image to fill out and the entire process happens behind the scenes when you select Google Invisible reCAPTCHA mode. With Google reCAPTCHA V2 your customers only see the “I’m not a robot’ on selecting an element of your form.

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