Collect in Store for Magento 2

Store Pickup, Collect in Store and Click & Collect for Magento 2

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Main Features

  • Store Pickup / Collect in Store / Click & Collect functionality for Magento 2.
  • Uses Google Maps API for your customers to find their nearest collect location.
  • Collect location search on both Product Detail Page and during Checkout.

Custom Built Extension

  • Create multiple locations for collection.
  • Display a landing page for your stores, including opening hours and directions.
  • Majority of configuration is per location, allowing complete control over your stores.

Store Pickup

  • Manage which products can be collected.
  • Manage which specific locations can be collected from.
  • Combine the above to specify which products can be collected from which locations.

Custom Checkout

  • New Checkout method to allow customers to choose between Pickup or Delivery.
  • New Shipping method allows you to specify the price of collection per location.
  • Collect locations automatically filtered to only those allowing all products in the cart.

Version Compatibility


Install as per standard Magento 2 extension, and you will find the configuration settings under Admin Panel > Stores > Collect in Store. Each of the configuration options are self-explanatory.

Register for your FREE Google API Key

This step is recommended as it enables you and your customers to use the Google Maps location search functionality of Collect in Store, allowing your customers to easily locate their nearest collection point. Click the following link to get a FREE API key, ensuring you enable "Google Places API Web Service" and "Google Maps JavaScript API" in the relevant Google administration areas:

Note down your Google API Key and add it to the Absolute Collect in Store configuration, it will look something like this example: AIzaSyG3OoDgQj5f36sXpsAdHyQasHDgAs4IrjU

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