Cache Bust for Magento 2

Ensure your Magento 2 website is serving your latest images, CSS and JavaScript

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Main Features

  • Always serve the latest version of your images, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Instantly invalidate your CDN cache to retrieve the latest versions.
  • Invalidate your customers' web browser cache.


  • Allow busting of both Media assets and Static assets.
  • Use the Admin Panel buttons to bust caches on demand.
  • Bust cache during a deployment using the Command Line tools.

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Free Download

  • This extension is provided FREE of charge by Absolute Commerce.

Version Compatibility

  • Up to and including Magento 2.2.3.
  • Don't see your version? Contact Us.


Absolute CacheBust is a free extension for Magento 2 that ensures your visitors are viewing the latest version of your images, CSS and JavaScript files.

If you are using a CDN it can be used to effectively invalidate your CDN cache instantly. This extension will also bust any local versions of assets your visitors may have stored in their web browser cache. The extension can be installed via Packagist with Composer, and the source code is available on GitHub.

How does it work?

After some basic Web Server configuration the URL of your assets will include a new dynamic portion, eg.

When you make changes to your images, JavaScript, CSS, etc., rather than waiting for your customers browser cache to expire, with this extension it is possible to immediately 'bust' the cache by automatically updating the /version12345/ segment of the URL. If this segment becomes /version54321/, your visitors browser or the CDN will treat it as a brand new request that it does not have cached, so will be forced to download the latest version..

Improvements over Magento 2 native 'Sign Static Files'

Magento 2 already has some functionality to bust cache for static files with the 'Sign Static Files' setting. The Absolute CacheBust extension provides this same functionality and more:

  • Absolute CacheBust supports media cache busting, whereas the native functionality does not.
  • the version value is stored in the Database rather than file, so better support for multiple servers.
  • with Absolute CacheBust the URL Template can be changed from /version12345/ to something else.
  • native Magento forces developer mode to always serve fresh content, which is not desirable.
  • CLI commands are included with Absolute CacheBust for automated deployment cache busting.
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