Absolute Commerce migrate DinoPC to Magento 2

DinoPC offer high performance, heavily customisable Gaming PC's and approached Absolute Commerce to build them a new website in Magento 2. We migrated their existing non-Magento website to Magento 2 and developed a bespoke custom product type to power their PC configurator.

We came to Joseph with a rather challenging project, him and Chris tackled it in their stride showing exceptional technical knowledge and professionalism throughout. We started off with a general concept and ideas of the desired functionality, with very limited knowledge or experience of Magento. Joseph and Chris helped us to develop the requirements and break down the project as we went along, taking care of the development, as well as documenting the work and managing deployment into multiple environments.
Our expectations were high and we had a relatively limited budget to work with, but Absolute Commerce endeavoured to see the project through, with a custom solution that has a high level of automation and sound logic and structure. We have only great things to say about the way Absolute Commerce operates, and their ability to exceed client expectations and tackle the most ambitious of projects.
Vladimir Kuznetsov, Director, Dino PC

Custom Magento 2 Product Type

Magento 2 comes with various product types out of the box including Configurable Product and Bundle Product, however DinoPC needed something a little more Dinosauric! The main requirement of their new website was to be able to display hundreds of components to a customer and allow them to pick and choose freely to build their dream PC.

Absolute Commerce created a new product type, based loosely on the Magento Bundle Product, but allowing for infinite combinations of component products.

Component Compatibility

With so many components to choose from of course not all will be compatible together, so DinoPC needed to be able to validate these combinations based on their own business logic.

Absolute Commerce developed a complex filtering and validation system which DinoPC team could manually maintain via the Magento Admin Panel, allowing complete control over what the customer can see and select, and importantly providing the customer with instant feedback on invalid combinations.

Take a look

Have a look at the screenshots below which show the configurator in action, or head over to DinoPC.com to start building your own PC!

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