Meet Chris Pook

A highly motivated, London based, CTO level PHP developer; specialising in Magento full stack development.

Magento Consultant & Developer

Using my vast experience in web technologies, particularly e-commerce and API services, I am able to aid clients and digital agencies through consultation and development of their business offerings. This spans all aspects of the digital domain including coding, systems, deployment, strategy, SEO and marketing. Utilising my background in software engineering along with my enthusiasm and ambition to its full potential, I am keen to lend my skills to any project. My hard working and outgoing disposition make me a great asset to any team, large or small.

Having worked at large international companies through to small start-ups and as a solo freelancer I have built up a solid foundation of understanding when it comes to the latest technology stacks. Throughout my ten years' experience in the ever evolving e-commerce industry I have tracked the changes, giving me confidence when implementing systems from the ground up or working with existing frameworks. I specialise in Magento and be it pure development, team management or in a CTO role I have the experience and ability to make the right choices to direct a development of web technologies in the desired direction.

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  • Honours degree in Software Engineering
  • Zend Certified PHP5 Engineer
  • Certified agile Scrum Master

Portfolio of work

The following is a list of the work I have completed in my time before joining Absolute Commerce.

  • Paperchase: Lead developer at Redbox Digital (Magento Gold Solution Partner)
  • Heals: Involved in Magento Development and dev-ops at Redbox Digital (Magento Gold Solution Partner)
  • Studio Moderna: Lead developer at Redbox Digital (Magento Gold Solution Partner)
  • Screwfix DE: Involved in Magento Development and dev-ops at Redbox Digital (Magento Gold Solution Partner)
  • Kurt Geiger: Technical lead and developer manager, in-house at Kurtgeiger
  • Shoeaholics: Lead developer, in-house at Kurtgeiger

Case Studies

CTO & Magento Developer, Redbox Digital

Redbox Digital is a London based full service digital agency delivering Magento Enterprise projects for big name clients. As chief technology officer I handled the ongoing investment in technology from overall strategy and direction to details in implementation. This role encompassed a number of the areas I had previously worked in spanning skills drawn from my experience as lead architect/developer on tasks through to being involved in client consultation and driving pitches as well as development team management and ensuring high standards.

In my time at Redbox I worked on a number of enterprise level ventures. As lead developer I saw projects through from start to end, including the award winning Paperchase site and Studio Moderna's omini-channel e-commerce platform. It was great to work with big name brands such as Screwfix Germany and Heals building and supporting the systems they require to continue their ventures in to digital. The many tasks involved in supporting all of Redbox's client's sites saw me heavily involved in dev-ops work, using my systems experience and development skills in tandem to trouble shoot and constantly improve on the service offered. This includes setting up a dedicated off-shore dev-ops team to deal with the day to day running of sites and provisioning for new projects.

Overseeing a team of twenty developers in London and across six other global locations was a great challenge and one that I learned a lot from. In my time there I helped instill an ethic of higher code quality, introducing standards for dev workflow and release management. By keeping to simple principles of "design generic, build once and always reuse where possible", I was able to distribute dev work across small teams to build up an ever evolving suite of modular code.

My most recent challenge at Redbox was building up our Magento2 capabilities; taking part in the Magento2 beta scheme and getting started on client projects with the new platform. This brought a fresh approach to delivering e-commerce and another chance to up my skills on the latest web technologies. It was great to see our first M2 offering Sun and Sands Sports go live and to be involved in the Magento2 product's early adoption in the industry.

Being involved in each aspect of running the technology behind an award winning agency keeps you on the go at all times. My delegation skills have been aided by the trust I was able to put in a great team. I am keen on documentation and ensuring that the company as a whole had visibility of what the dev team is achieving and how. I pride myself on being able to communicate even the most technical of subjects to the rest of the company as well as clients and partners.

Lead Magento Developer, Lewis E-commerce

Lewis Ecommerce is a middle size London based web agency providing Magento builds for their clients. I was contracted in to the company on a four month contract. My main task during this time was the build and launch of for a South African fashion brand. I saw the project through from concept to release including the build of their South African payment gateway integration; numerous front and back-end customisations to fit the client brief and also the server setup and successful release of the site.

Whilst at Lewis I introduced Git source control and workflows to the development team; transitioning all of their projects to Github and standardising the release processes. This was borne of the numerous maintenance tasks I was given to straighten out existing site builds that had gone awry with previous developers. Other websites I made contributions to include and I also setup and configured Jira to consolidate their team tracking and add structure and workflows to the day to day running of projects.

I am very proud of my work at Lewis, especially the Okapi site which was featured in the Financial Times recently. I am confident that in my short time here I have improved overall working practice as well as produce a full site build; turned around a number of codebases that had fallen in to disrepair and brought in processes to prevent a similar situation arising on my departure.

Lead Developer, Kurt Geiger

I started at Kurt Geiger as part of a development team of three brought in to take their bespoke agency built website in-house. This project was very successful and lead to significant cost savings and numerous improvements to the site at the time.

Following on from this my next task was to move the website on to the Magento platform. This was a great learning experience for me having previously only dabbled in the community edition. The learning curve was steep but I thrived on building custom modules and front-ends to tailor Magento to the varied business needs of Kurt Geiger.

The new website was launched on Magento EE 1.8 in early 2011. As a result of the success of this project I was made lead developer of a team that began to grow as the work load increased. I now lead a team of six hand-picked developers, built to take on a number of projects over the last year. I recently completed the re-launch of as team lead and scrum master, taking charge of the whole project running from start to end.

Skills, Tools & Experience

PHP5 / PHP7 JavaScript MySQL Magento 2.0
HTML5 CSS MSSQL Magento 1.0
Prototype JS jQuery JS GIT SVN
Dev-ops AWS services Apache Nginx
Redis Bamboo Varnish DeployHQ
MVC Zend 1 and 2 Payment Integration Sagepay
SagePay Cybersource Locayta Attraqt
Unix Windows Symfony2 Codeigniter
Email Marketing SEO Agile E-commerce