Laminas open source framework replaces Zend Framework Composer dependencies in Magento

What you need to know about the replacement of core dependencies

- Chris Pook, 20th May 2020

As many Magento developers will have noticed, the Zend Framework dependencies of the Magento2 Composer meta package have been flagged as abandoned for some time now. This is something we reported on at the start of the year.

Thankfully this appears to have been taken seriously by the development team at Magento and the latest release has now switched out the abandoned packages for their suggested replacements from the open source Laminas framework.

This is great news for the Magento community, not only confirming the Magento team's dedication to the integrity of the codebase but also meaning Magento will benefit from the upstream security and feature developments in the Laminas project in the future.

For those interested, the merge commit to swap out the Zend Framework dependencies can be found here:

More Information

If you are interested in tracking the progress of the Laminas project there is more information regarding how Zend Framework is becoming Laminas here:

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