Multiple Zend Framework Composer dependencies required by Magento have become abandoned

What you need to know about this fairly critical development

- Chris Pook, 8th Jan 2020

Those of us working with Magento sites will no doubt have recently encountered the following worrying messaging when running Composer builds:

Zend Framework abandoned Composer dependencies in Magento

This is a result of Zend Framework transitioning to a new open source framework named Laminas. As the Composer messages suggest, the Laminas alternatives for each Zend dependency are recommended instead of continuing to rely on the Zend packages.

What happens over the coming weeks will be an interesting view in to the mindset of the core Magento development team. Reliance on an abandoned package has fairly large security implications which Magento must make moves to mitigate. If we are still seeing these warnings on builds in weeks or months to come I believe questions will rightly be raised regarding the integrity of the Magento codebase.

Certainly this is an unfortunate occurrence, however the transition of Zend to Laminas has been in the pipeline for some time, so hopefully it was already on the Magento road map and a plan is in action.

More Information

If you are interested in tracking the progress of the Laminas project there is more information regarding how Zend Framework is becoming Laminas here:


20th May 2020

The dependencies mentioned above have indeed now been swapped for their suggested Laminas replacements. Read about the transition here.

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